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Seattle Doesn’t Settle

This year I did the Thanksgiving holiday a bit different. I skipped out on the platefuls of food and Black Friday shopping. I flew to Seattle to experience a new city with Ivan. I had no idea what to expect of Seattle and I think that was the best way to go. We had the best time exploring around and trying new food. Check out the photos below.

Amazon Spheres

Chihuly Museum

Storyville Coffee

First Starbucks

Starbucks Reserve

Freeway Park

Gum Wall

Space Needle

Shug’s Fountain Soda & Ice Cream


Fika House

Ellenos Yogurt

Fremont Brewery

The Troll

Kashiba Sushi

Columbia Tower



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Museum of Ice Cream SF

I’m a month late in posting this, but figured it is still worth sharing.


The Museum of Ice Cream was cute & fun. From all the colors to the ice cream and cotton candy samples, it is definitely a sweet experience. Each room has a different theme with lots of vibrant color. My favorite room was the unicorn room. The bright rainbow paint flows perfectly with the unicorn statue. Also there is a mini disco ball like room hidden behind two tiny square doors. If you’re able to get tickets, this is definitely worth checking out for a fun photo shoot.IMG_4772IMG_5047IMG_4779IMG_4926IMG_5073IMG_5077IMG_5072IMG_5076IMG_5078

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Ended 2016 with a sweet surprise

The holidays are always a big deal for my family. Everyone comes together and there is way too much food. This year I decided to surprise my family on Christmas Eve by flying back to the east coast. It was such an amazing feeling and everyone was beyond happy. I also included some photos from Lake Tahoe NorthStar before I went back east. Check out a bunch of the photos from the past two weeks below.img_9906img_9915img_9949DCIM100GOPROGOPR0876.img_0192img_0193img_0195img_0198img_0200img_0238img_0242img_0249img_0255img_0282img_0355img_0368img_0371img_0385img_0398img_0455img_0491img_0117


Saturday in San Francisco

Hey guys,

This past Saturday I went to San Francisco to try some new food and check out the area. My first stop on the list was to try Blue Bottle Coffee. It was pretty good. I forget the name of the flavor I had, but it was a floral-like taste. I felt it would be a good flavor for the afternoon when relaxing. Not a wake up call coffee. I wanted to get a muffin or a croissant to go with my coffee. So I decided to try out Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. (I got baked in San Francisco) They are known for their ( croissant/muffin). Sadly I did not get to try one because apparently they sell out really quickly. But I sure will go back for more in the future. I tried the California croissant. It reminded me of sushi. The croissant wraps seaweed toped with sesame seeds and soy sauce for dipping. it was delicious! I also recommend to check out Joy’s Place for a delicious waffle with french vanilla ice cream and whip cream.





image8 image9

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Labor Day Weekend Recap

Hello everyone,

I hope you had an adventurous weekend! I sure did. I went to the harbor to kayak for the first time and then Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz to relax and watch the sunset and in between I got to check out this delicious ice cream shop in the downtown area called Mission Hill Creamery. I sampled s’mores & the black and tan (caramel) sundaes. I also went to Napa Valley area to sample some wine. It was a lot of fun. We stopped by a cute little brunch cafe called Boon Fly Cafe. Their mini sugar doughnuts are fresh and yummy! Also Koller Chocolate, it’s too pretty to eat, haha!

Kayaking in the harbor



White Grey & Simple

I recently got a new Macbook Air and I wanted to get accessories that are modern and simple. I found this fun ombre keyboard cover on Amazon. I also got a sleeve from Mujjo. I knew that Mujjo products were good because I bought a mini sleeve for my iPad a couple of years back. If you order from the originals collection now, it’s 25% off. Mujjo – The Originals

image1 image2


Also Fall/Autumn, which ever you prefer, is right around the corner. I am always excited for the candle scents and like most girls, the coffee flavors. I just tried a new flavor from Califia Farms. It’s Salted Caramel Cold Brew with Almond Milk. I really like the taste, light and not too sweet.